It’s been a quick three days.  I’ve gone to the beach, swam in a canadian pool a few times (at night, when nobody knew), had 8 meals & 5 snacks with 30 teenagers, had a good chat with my canadian mother, and even got to sit by the fire a couple times.  All in all, it’s been a great few days.  The down side so far is only this… the rain hasn’t really let up much.  Sunday started with a torrential downpour.  By torrential, I mean that shingles were literally floating down the streams to the sides of dirt paths.  Where there used to be grass is now pond.  The Sunday waters are starting to retreat, but this morning I woke up to amazingly loud, bed-rattling thunder and a pretty heavy rain.  After driving into town for a box of Tim Horton’s best for the staff, the rain had stopped and left behind only a really thick fog of humidity.  And by humidity, i mean that it’s humid.  (Your line here would be “How humid is it?” to which I would reply)… It’s so humid, my beard & arm hair are curling.  I can see my own breath & it’s 80 degrees.  The camp pool is panting.  It’s humid.

Aside from weather and Tim Horton’s, things are going very well.  On Sunday night, I gave a talk & the teens seemed to respond pretty well, but were somewhat apprehensive because we were still trying to figure each other out.  Monday night, three teens stood up and made some sort of spiritual commitment, which we were all pretty excited about.  Last night, after a slightly shorter talk around the campfire, I broke the group up into their cabins and had them discuss.  As I walked around the little village of cabins, I heard some really great conversation (both about the message, about boys, about the food at camp…) and was pretty encouraged to hear that they’ve been soaking in the stuff I’ve said so far.  Tonight will be another commitment talk & God will be faithful.  Hope your week is going well!