I’ve been posting too many negative blog entries.  I know that.  It’s just hard not to scratch my chin and shake my head at the bad things.  Though… a few years ago, I went to a conference in Chicago with some friends and the topic for the event was “What’s Right With The World.”  So here’s my list of what’s right with the world.

Going Today – This place has some sort of musical item or piece of equipment for sale everyday.  With low prices and $5 shipping, I’m always tempted to buy.  Always.

Earthwood Strings – I’ve been using some really amazing guitar strings on my acoustic lately, and my fingers have started thanking me.  These are some sort of magical strings that feel soft and light, but sound big and boomy.

Google Documents – I hate microsoft office.  Not just because they’re “the man,” (that IS part of it), but also because it’s big and clunky like grandpa’s old Plymouth.  I want something easy and uncomplicated, something I can write a document in and save and open wherever I want, and something I don’t have to pay for.  Microsoft doesn’t really have any of that.  Google docs does… and then some.

Codex Sinaiticus – The world’s oldest, most complete Bible has been digitized and thrown onto the internet.  For free.  I haven’t seen it… the site has crashed more than a dozen times since it was put up five days ago.  If, by chance, you click and find the site up and running, have a good look.

Casey Kasem – Everybody knows who Casey Kasem is… Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.  But, strangely enough, he also hosted a radio show for 30 years.  Wild, I know.  Well, after three decades, he’s left his studio.  I post this here not because I’m glad he’s leaving, but more because it’s quite an accomplishment.

Maybe I can start being kinder on this blog.  I’m sure there are good things out there.  They just don’t drive in front of me, work with me, or interact with me on a regular basis.