I’ve spent the last 2 1/2 hrs sitting on the back deck.  It’s dirty and dusty and smells like rotting wild life out here, but it’s warm and the sun’s out.  I think I should spend about an hour with a hose and a power washer out here, but I don’t really think I’d do a whole lot of good, to be honest.  There’s a lot of grime & grunge caked & baked on everything.  I think it’s actually the pine dust from a gigantic tree next to the deck plus rain and heat that make it so gross out here.  I’m not sitting in a pig sty, but it’s not pristine.  And it would take several people a full day of scrubbing on hands and knees to clean it all up.  Mostly because I’ve just let things go so long.

There’s a girl I know that’s been making some pretty lame life choices lately.  I’m not calling her out… we all make mistakes, and I’m getting pretty good at that.  But after talking to her about the situation, it seems like she’s not just making mistakes, but willingly choosing to do the wrong thing.  And what’s more, she said that at first, she felt something telling her to stop.  But the longer she went and the more she ignored it, the less she felt.  And now it will take her a long time and a lot of work to get out of her situation.

I guess I should spend the time now and clean the deck this weekend.  The alternative would be to wait until it’s in shambles and repair things just before total devastation.  Doesn’t sound nearly as cool.  Also, doesn’t seem to be nearly as enjoyable.  I guess that’s like life, eh?