Grace is a funny thing.  It comes along with patience.  It also shares a ride with aspirin & headphones in my line of work.  Somebody told me once that most of the time, grace is just not saying what you could.  I guess it comes down to the fact that I should probably just keep it shut and allow others to make mistakes.  But in some cases, the poor performance of others shows the same light on me.  So maybe in this instance, grace allows me to look bad for the sake of letting someone else figure it out.  Not like I/we don’t do that with Jesus daily.  I do dumb things all the time and then call on Jesus… doing not much more than giving him a bad rep.  And rarely does Jesus do anything but love and discipline from within that love.  Maybe I should be loving and out of that love, correct or help.  But then again, it’s early and I’d really rather just be a jerk & give terribly angry looks.