I just finished a movie (maybe 5-6 minutes ago), and have been just checking my email as I do every night just before I go to bed.  Well, I heard a sound that I assumed was my dog at my bedroom door, because it sounded like sniffing and sighing… things my dog does normally.  But then I heard a noise that was somewhere between an umbrella opening and a fire cracker going off.  But it wasn’t coming from the same location.  It was going on 2 feet behind me.  I was too afraid (for real, i even jumped out of my chair and put shoes on… what on earth i was going to do with my shoes on, i’ll never know) to turn around and investigate, so I found a flashlight, turned on all the lights in the room and made sure to close all of the windows and check all the doors.  By the time I got around to looking out the window behind me, whatever animal, alien or abductor was prowling was (oh-so-lucky for me) gone.  It’s been probably five years since I’ve been that scared.  In fact, I think the last time I was that scared was actually eight years ago in Idaho.  If my brain ever turns back on from the recent shock, I’ll try to post that story.  Until next time, just be sure to check your doors & windows.  For real.