This morning at Job #2, we sang a song about God giving & taking away.  Well, not just the giving and taking, but that we would praise Him either way.  It wasn’t until we’d sung the words that I realized what we were saying (singing).  Did 400 people really, honestly, truly mean that they would praise God if He, in His infinite (limitless) wisdom, took something they loved away after giving it to them?  I hope so.  But I’m not sure it’s ever as simple as just singing a song.

On Friday, someone close* to me was informed of a shift in company procedure, which ended her position.  It was obvious that God had made the position possible in the first place, so how could such a thing happen after such little time on the job?  Did God take that away after giving it to her?  Seems like it.  And yet, she continues to praise Him.  I don’t know if I’d have the same reaction in that situation.  I always need answers.  I need explanations.  And here’s the best one I can come up with…

If you take a small boy into the woods to go hunting, you may hand him a gun to use while hunting.  And chances are pretty good that you’re going to take it from him the moment you get back to the car/RV/trailer.  And you’d never let him just walk around town with that gun, no matter how much he begs.  He may even cry and scream and kick and try to bargain things to get that gun back into his hands.  But you’re not hunting anymore.  The gun had served its purpose, and the boy had no need for it afterward.

In the same way, I think God sees a little bit** ahead of us, and knows what we need when we need it.  I think He’s looking out for us better than we think we are.  No parent would allow a child to walk around with a gun.  And even more for God.  So my limited logic would show, I think, that God is looking out for the best interest when He takes something away after giving it.  Obviously that doesn’t answer every situation everywhere.  There are way, way, way harder situations with a LOT more difficult things taken away.  And I’m not speaking to those, really.  Mostly just to this instance.

*very close.
**more than just a little bit.***

***That was an example of sarcasm, a tool writers use to show attitude or irony.  Or that the author is a jerk.