I’ve got a couple things to say to those out there that are attached to the Battle Creek Department of Transportation.  Over the course of four days, I’ve experienced things that I’ve only heard about in horror movies and drivers’ education classes.  So…

First, let me apologise for driving north on the south-bound lane of 194 on Sunday night.  Somehow the signs and road barracades were placed on the wrong side of the road, forcing drivers to go the wrong way.  I think elves moved the signs to trick people.  Luckily it was already dark out, which made things more fun & exciting than I ever thought I’d have on a commute.  The hard-working and ever-helpful officer Gerbowski was close at-hand to gently lead me in the right direction… or at least turning me back toward where I’d come from.

Second, let me thank the BCDOT (Battle Creek Department of Transportation) for their hard (and painfully fast, i might add) work at fixing problems that they created.  Watching their progress has been wonderful.  Or terrible.  I can’t always tell my own thoughts & feelings.  It would’ve been almost enough to cause a problem, then just allow time and science to take over.  But to let those two things happen, wait a little while, and then cover it up is just so far above & beyond anything I’d have dreamed.  Way to go, boys.

I’d love to work for those guys one day.  Where else could you do so much good for so many people?  For real, nothing says highly qualified / motivated brilliance better than an orange vests & a “slow” sign at $30 per hour.