Somebody at office AM has been using my coffee mug. Pretty regularly, I might add. And not just a single mug… all of them. Between two men (myself included), there are five and sometimes six mugs in the staff kitchen. A couple are perpetually covered in instant oatmeal particles, a couple have water in them, and a couple are set aside for coffee. The system works, and the system is good. Unless somebody decides they want to ‘borrow’ a mug.
Ever have the terrible feeling like you’re not the first person to use your toothbrush in the morning? In your head, you’re thinking, “Ya know, this toothbrush is too wet to have been sitting unused for 8 hours.” Terrible thought. That’s the thought I have every morning at the AM office about my mug. And all fingers are pointing to one rasta-middle eastern religion-drama loving-mug stealing hippie.
The only solution I see is this one… I sacrifice a mug, but save the rest. And here’s how. I’ll line one mug with eye drops and leave the mug for the hippie to “borrow”. And then I’ll get the last laugh.
Obviously I’m not gonna be doing that. But I also know that the hippie reads this blog. So maybe I will. Ya never know. And hippie, you just go ahead and use my mug. I dare you.