Have you seen American Idol this season? It’s the same show it’s always been. There are a bunch of people singing fairly cheesy renditions of songs that they probably shouldn’t be singing. And most of them sound like pretty much any lame bar on pretty much any Thursday night karaoke showcase. But there’s a guy on this season that is not only a good vocalist, but he’s in my line of work. So my interest has been piqued. Part of me thinks that I’m only interested because the guy on the show is truly a great musician and he’s worthy of being the “american idol.” But part of me thinks that several people I know that are also in that line of work could be the next BFF to Ryan Seacrest. Here’s what I mean.
I had lunch with several people this afternoon, all but one of which were radio-types. The odd-man-out was the boss’s boss, who has the title of pre-president. Or Vice President. Or something. The VP made comment of two of my friends that are in the same line of work as the American Idol guy. VP said that two of my friends were the best and most creative/talented people in their positions that he’d ever seen/known. Quite a statement. This guy has been in leadership in that area for a long time, so he’s come in contact with a lot of people in that field. How wild to hear him say that those boys could be the best around.
I tell you all of that to tell you this… I’ve got some stellar friends. Talented, talented friends.