No, not a bus with black lights and extacy pills. More like a bus with wifi and free water and a bathroom that isn’t scary to sit within smelling distance of. I’m riding the Flyer from the airport to my city for $20. That includes a place to sit, a place to pee, a reasonably safe drive, entertainment from the history channel on the provided screens, free wifi, and no hassle by driving myself & leaving my car at the airport for $10 per day. Did I mention that I’m on the bus right this minute? Seriously, I don’t know that I’ll drive myself to the airport anymore. I’ve already checked my bank accounts, updated my facebook, written half a dozen emails, and even checked out my “usuals”.
I’m returning from a quick trip to southern California, and I think I need a vacation from that vacation. I spent the short amount of time with my brother, his wife & their three boys. It was great to see them. It was also not at all a sit-back-and-relax time. Three young boys plus a new or foreign face equal hysteria for all others around. I was both the new face and the hysterical. So I’m gonna have to figure out how to sneak another few days off in here somewhere soon… to make up for the one that I just took. Thoughts? Options?

PS, this is post 200. Welcome to it.