I got out of a staff meeting this afternoon that was epic in length, but also epic in the fact that it really only had significance for two guys. We sat in a somewhat uncomfortable room and talked about a very specific portion of one person’s job for four hours. I know that things need to be worked out together, but goodness… that’s really something for a one-on-one meeting. When I left the office, I went to Panera (where I sit now) and strategically put myself in the ‘so you need to steal our electricity’ section. After hanging for an hour, a couple sat down at the table next to mine… just close enough for me to listen to everything they say. Another couple came to their table and sat down as if they knew each other (which I’m sure they did). After a few minutes of laughs and sipping coffee, they prayed and started a serious discussion. After listening to a majority of that conversation, I realized that they were in the middle of a staff meeting for a church that should remain nameless (not that it doesn’t have a name… just keeping things anonymous.
Thing One… When everyone is equally involved in ministry, it seems that they can focus much faster and have a stronger direction.
Thing Two… Focus comes out of chaos when your goal is shared.
Thing Three… Coffee sure does help people keep high spirits.
Thing Four… Meetings should probably have a purpose that is clearly defined and attainable within an hour or two.