I think the Oscars are great.  Not the literal show, mind you, but the thought that movies should have recognition for their merit.  I don’t know how well thought through the categories are, though.  There’s a ‘best film’ category, which is wonderful.  But there’s no worst film category.  I don’t think I’d like a list of movies that have been terrible or inappropriate for audiences or just plain dumb.  I want a category for movies that are well done, creative works that make you feel terrible or make you grieve or that create so much tension that you have to turn away.  You know what I mean… a worst film category.  Just for fun, here are my nominations for the past year’s Worst Movies category.

1.  Reservation Road.

2.  Defiance.

3.  The Wrestler.

4.  Milk.

5.  The Love Guru.