I was laughing yesterday about the scene from Dumb & Dumber where one of the guys sells the dog van and gets a moped to carry them to colorado. The other guy acts upset, then says, “just when i think you couldn’t be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”
What a funny thought. It’s absolutely the opposite of Jesus. It’s the thought of, “I’ve screwed up, so I must make myself worthy once again.” Sadly, there’s just no way to do that. How does a broken down car fix itself? How do old warn out shoes become new? How do we redeem ourselves?
It’s not in us. We can’t. The only way to do it is to somehow pay for our debt and make us new. Well, the trick is this… the debt would be our lives. And making us new would take something ‘other’ from outside of our own understanding. So Jesus would HAVE to be that payment. He would HAVE to be the only one to make us new.  Unless, of course, you have a really old and junky moped.
Just for kicks, here’s the video clip I was talking about.