A friend is going through some very heavy things right now. He & his wife are mourning the loss of a newborn daughter. They’re also celebrating the birth of another daughter. I heard a song today that reminded me of God’s intense love through tragedy. Let me share this with you…

This is for the man who never learned to read or write
he worked two jobs instead of going to school
I know it hurt you as a child, please remember all the while
That God weeps too

This is for the widow who now must sleep alone
When the memory of a kiss will have to do
Every night when she lays down you can almost hear the sound
when God weeps too

God weeps too, God weeps too
Though we question Him for all that we go through
still it helps me to believe and my faith it does relieve
Just to think that God weeps too

For every survivor of the wickedness of man
whether a black man or a Jew
some people kill in Jesus name
He is not the one to blame
cause even God weeps too