Ever been rejected? Not the greatest feeling. It really makes you ask questions that you (somewhere deep inside) know the answers to. It hurts feelings that you may have forgotten that you actually had. And it just plain stinks.
But have you ever been rejected in a situation that you really didn’t want to be accepted in? The only way to explain how this might look is to give you an example….
For some reason, a baseball player tries out for the Detroit Tigers. He doesn’t know why he even tried out, but he’s VERY glad to get the rejection letter.
Well, I was rejected by my very own ‘Detroit Tigers’ this weekend, and it was a really great thing. Through the whole ‘tryout,’ I kept wondering why I was even doing it. After the tryout, I hoped that the rejection letter would come. Not because I like being rejected, but because I’d actually rather get the letter than have to deny a ‘contract’ to ‘play’ for the ‘team.’
Celebrate with me, won’t you?