First, the good news. I found out the important ‘W’s from my identity theft situation. (who/what/where).
Now, the bad news. For reasons I can’t figure out, my bank is still demanding that I not only fill out forms and have all forms notorized, but also that I pay to have forms looked at, wait 3 business weeks for a response, and are holding me liable for all bad checks (that I didn’t write) until they deem (if they deem) me free of wrong doing. So here’s my plan.

The checks written with my routing/account numbers are from a man that was smart enough (that was sarcasm) to use his own name and address. I thought maybe I’d share with you all the fun that I have found. Enjoy.

Richard S Eidens
2792 Arcadia Heights Circle
Salt Lake City, UTah 84109
(801) 484-0349