The other day while having lunch with some friends from office #2, we sat across from a few old ladies that were really upset over the temperature of their church.  One was angry because it was too cold in the building, and one was angry because it was just too hot.  You should probably know that the cold woman was wearing shorst and a Tshirt.  The warm woman was wearing a full length coat.

Today the highway was backed up all the way to christmas, so I stayed in town instead of making the commute to Chelsea.  My office #3 (a coffee shop/bread distribution center in town) is very full, so I’ve had to pull a ‘Parma Cafe’ and sit at a 4 person table with a couple strangers.  Fun.  The women at the table are both having bad days, I’m assuming, because the tone of their voices and looks on their faces are telling me to run.  But instead, I listen.  They’re complaining about their church.  The chairs, i guess, are too hard.  The piano is out of tune, or so they say.  The parking lot is too long and not wide enough, the pastor doesn’t talk long enough, and the heat…. oh, the heat!

I don’t want to visit either of those churches.  Ever.  Well, maybe, but really just to find out if those problems are worth complaining about in public.  I wonder what people hear me say about my church.  And I wonder if it makes them feel the way I feel after hearing about these other places.  What is it that we advertise?  Is it love and transformation and grace?  Or maybe bad heating, seating & preaching.