I had a pretty interesting ride into work this morning.  Not only was the snow coming down faster than my tires were able to move through it, but it was actually quite dangerous.  The windshield wipers were freezing to the windshield they were made to clear.  The electronic traction system was failing.  The defroster was freezing.  The seatbelt kept pinching me in places where nothing should be pinching me.  And as all of these things were going on like a symphony of blood-pressure-raisers, my low-traction light came on with the check engine light soon after.  I had taken all I was able to take.  I turned on the radio hoping to calm myself, and the song coming from my frozen speakers was “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  I don’t know exactly what happened in my brain at the time, but it made me laugh.  And not just laugh.  I’m talking about the Clark Griswald driving around Big Ben & Parlament kind of laughter.  And it didn’t stop until I got to the gas station and was greeted by a woman I can only assume does fill-in work as the wicked witch of the west.  Now that I think about it, that lady could stop anybody from laughing.