A guest speaker in my Sunday School class today talked about a Chinese woman named Martha that changed his life.  He’d only met her once or twice, but at close to 80 years old, he said she was incredibly dynamic and totally sold out to a certain Christmas character.  The story he told about her went something like this…

Martha owned a factory in a large city in China and was very successful and wealthy.  Her factory burned down, which was devestating to her, but it helped her to have better priorities.  After making a faith decision, Martha started telling her friends about it.  The government wasn’t pleased, and made things very hard for Martha.  They took her house and her money and threw her in prison.  While there, she told everyone she came in contact with about her faith.  When the government heard about it, they put her in solitary confinement.  Martha scratched scripture into the wooden walls of her small cell, and left it for all who ‘visited’ to see.  The government realized that Martha really couldn’t be stopped, so they put her in a very small prison in the northern part of China, hoping that she’d get a cold and die.  Instead of dying, Martha thrived, told everyone she came in contact with about her faith, and was eventually freed for reasons no one knows.  When asked why she didn’t stop sharing her story, she said that even when the government took everything she had, they couldn’t take her faith.

I ask you this…  When I heard that story, I had a question.  Not ‘How can i have that faith?’.  My question was ‘how do people drop their faith when times get hard?’  I understand that when times get tough, it’s easy to question some things and blame faith or whatever.  But when I hear about a literal hero of the faith, it makes me wonder how some people thrive under severe adversity and some don’t.  What do ya think?