I just finished writing an annual budget for one of my jobs.  I asked for 1/3 more money.  Not because I’m greedy or think I need money to get things done.  But to do ministry well, and to get volunteers and keep them, money needs to be spent.  So I asked for a considerably higher amount of money for the next budget year.  And it looks like i just might get it.

One problem…  I haven’t spent the whole budget from this year yet.  I know that there’s more than a month left in the year, and i may be able to spend the remaining money easily if I put my mind on it.  The strange thing, though, is this…  if I don’t spend my whole budget for the year, the chances of getting all of the extra money I asked for are much less.  In fact, if I don’t spend the money that’s left in the budget, I’ll actually lose more than what I’m asking for in the next year.  They could actually cut my budget rather than add to it.  So here’s my plan…

I think I’m going to gamble with the remaining budget dollars and see what happens.  If I come out ahead, all the better.  But if I lose it at the table, then at least it’s gone and I can have better chances of getting what I asked for.  Or maybe I could just roll it into next year somehow.  Got any creative ideas?