I watched a movie tonight that left me with a choice.  I could either do something about what I’d just seen, or I could do nothing about what I’d just seen.  I love that about some movies.  So cool that a story could cause me to get right up out of my chair and take action.

I can’t say that I can reccommend the movie I just watched.  There were a few very heavy themes in it that keep me from even saying the name of it.  But the basic theme of the movie was human trafficking.  Obviously not the feel-good-movie of the year.  But after watching it, I think i could probably be talked into selling all of my stuff and working for International Justice Mission… becoming a super-crime-fighter, busting into dirty old basements and busting up the bad guys.

What is it about certain movies that make me want to get off the couch and do extraordinary things?  And how on earth have people realized they can do that with movies?  I wish I knew.  I think my morning job would be quite different if that were the case.