So it would seem that words follow people.  Who would’ve thought, right?  I talked about a nephew of mine (not the hood version of nephew, but the literal “my brother’s kid” version), who broke his leg on Sunday.  Sure, that’s a sort of big deal, but especially (or so we thought) because he’s only 10 months old.  Well, not only did I talk about the boy breaking his leg, but I broadcast(ed) the story across the air-waves.

Last night I stopped by the home of previously mentioned youngster and took him some sort of fuzzy cuddly toy.  The first few words uttered when I stepped in the house were, “I will kill you!”  It took me a moment to realize who and why, but once I did, i had an epiphony.  People are listening.  What I say is heard and either thought through or laughed at.  To explain the death threat, my sister-in-law was embarrassed at the fact that her baby broke his leg while she was supervising.  Little did she know that the boy was unfortunate enough to receive the “i’m gonna break lots of bones and cut myself a thousand times” genes from his father.  So that’s the story.

So I suppose I write this just to say this… don’t go spilling the beans when I share some sort of family secret!