For the last fifteen years, I’ve felt like I’ve had the world’s biggest writer’s block.  At least, when it comes to writing songs.  I never have the perfect words or the perfect scenario.  The words always come out either really sappy or really unspeakable in public, which both have benefits, (just not to me).  But for the past few months, I’ve used those song-writing brain cells to write both obnoxious and ridiculous songs that really aren’t fit for radio, but are played on radio…. that’s ironical.  But because those songs have been coming out, I’ve had more ideas about songs that are less lame and more likely to be sung in public.  What makes that happen?

This weird situation has made me think.  And here’s what I’ve come up with…  the more you do something, wether you are good at it or not, the more comfortable with it you become.  Writing songs or being in front of people or running marathons.  There’s something about the act of obedience that changes us a little… sitting down and writing lyrics, knowing that the lyrics are either useless or will be more than embarrassing a year from now.  I think there’s more than that, though.  I think there’s something that our brains learn as we keep doing things.  The more I drive a lawn mower, the better I get at it.  The more I drive, the less I have accidents.

I guess my thought is this… as I do things, I am teaching myself how to do them better, more efficient, more ‘honed.’  And so I keep doing those things.  I blog.  I write weird songs.  I play guitar.  I say things in front of people.  I read the thoughts of others. And I occasionally have a cup of coffee.  And the more I do those things, the smaller the writer’s block seems.  Which is good.