My office just set up the name for a two year anniversary for our building campaign.  They’re calling it ‘Living Thanksgiving.’  Here are my initial thoughts…

Living Thanksgiving seems like a bizarre way of life.  Parades every morning, the whole family showing up for lunch (which ends up being a feast), and It’s A Wonderful Life playing while everybody snoozes through the evening.  Like a lesser-known Norman Rockwell painting.  Or a Currier & Ives knock-off card at the discount card shop in Tijuana.  I don’t know that I could deal with the parades every day.  And I know that I can only handle so much of Jimmy Stewart.

Thanksgiving is wonderful because it happens once a year.  I love laying around with family after dinner, so full I have to loosen clothing and groan with every breath… but not every day.  And I love Jimmy Stewart and that weird Ghost, Clarence… but I can’t deal with it every night.  And I love my family absolutely, but I couldn’t spend every day with them all over my house.  I’d end up locking myself into the basement or a closet somewhere.

The point, my friends, is this… Living Thanksgiving doesn’t mean living out the thanksgiving holiday perpetually like a Bill Murray movie.  It means using every day as another opportunity to be thankful.  Using your life as a form of Worship to our Creator.  More than singing songs to Him on Sunday morning, occasionally reading scripture and showing up to church on Sunday.  It’s literally living a life of Praise.  Thankfully, that doesn’t have to involve Aunt Mildred’s jell-o salad or Jimmy Stewart.