I’ve been working on some computer stuff at Panera all day.  Some of the stuff I’ve been doing has been photoshop stuff that’s very visual and has to be pretty precise.  I kept seeing these weird fuzzy spots in the images I was doctoring, and was trying to digitally correct them… to no avail.  The spots (after much confusion and an actual headache) ended up being just fingerprints on my screen, not imperfections on the images.

Sometimes we see God’s fingerprints in our lives as His fingerprints, and other times we see them as sumdges.  There have been times in my life where I’ve really been frustrated when things started to go in a different direction than my plans called for.  But 9 times out of ten, the things that I’ve thought were messed up were actually times God was getting involved… very involved.  Enough to put his literal fingerprints on my life.

How cool it is that we have a God that not only lets us do our own thing, but also works in our lives…. despite all of our grumblings and childish behavior.  That’s grace, I suppose.

PS, there’s a lady staring at me sitting a table over.  It’s starting to creep me out.