Tonight I’ve got plans to put together a video montage of photos and video clips of my grandmother (who is quickly dying) for her funeral.  What a strange task.  Even more, what a strange statement.  She’s not dead, and yet, I’m putting together a video for the funeral of a woman that isn’t dead yet.  That’s on top of the wedding that happened on Saturday.  A very strange last few days.

I don’t want to over-spiritualize my grandmother, but I think the biblical parallel is this…  the disciples were preparing for the death of Jesus by celebrating in the upper room at the table.  They had the feast of the passover together, then Jesus told them that He was dying.  He was still alive, but the disciples were half-mourning, half-feasting.  A very awkward position.  If it’s anything like putting a slideshow together for the funeral of a living woman, I know what it must’ve been like.