Somebody on the phone today called me a word-smith (is that hyphenated?).  I would never have called myself that… ever.  I have a blog and I sit/stand behind a microphone a good majority of my life, but I’d say that I’m far from the ‘word-smith’ term.  But this week, I’ve taken on a daunting task of rearranging some words and changing them for others and turning one thing into another with words.

When I work on my guitar or on my car, I use fairly specific tools… unless I’m doing some sort of exploratory surgery that hasn’t been done before.  But outside of doing those rare recon surgeries, I stick to very, very specific tools… tools that I know how to use, that have very specific uses and uses.

Here’s my deal… I don’t always know words.  In fact, I find that about half of the time, I’m at a loss for words.  So for someone to give me the nametag ‘word-smith’ kinda shocks me.  And it kinda scares me.  But mostly it just makes me laugh.  Maybe I should be taking a closer look at my resume.