I spend quite a bit of time at a coffee shop (ok, actually several coffee shops) in town and get work done while enjoying coffee and the hustle & bustle of people.  I pretty much always have a pair of headphones on while I do my thing, even if there’s no music playing.  Partly because that kind of blocks out all of the extra noise of people talking and partly because it’s actually a good way to keep people from talking to me.  Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love talking to people, especially people I don’t know while chilling at the coffee shop.  But sometimes the headphones are just a great buffer.  Well, the confession comes here…  sometimes people feel free to share some incredibly deep & dark information with their friends with me being less than one step away, just because they see headphones on my ears.  And if I’m not listening to music, I can hear pretty much anything they’re saying.  So that brings you current to today, where I’m in the exact situation I’ve just described.

A woman & man are sitting at a table directly ahead of me, sharing some seriously heavy life issues with each other, and I’m hearing every moment.  They’re both having trouble with work and family (both are mid-twenties, living at home with parents), and they’re trying really hard to console each other.  The man keeps telling the woman that things will be fine, and then complaining about the same things that she has just shared.  I’m sure she’s not reassured, but really, who could blame her?  The advice the man gave her was to go out and forget about all of her troubles by getting drunk and partying all weekend.  Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that kind of counsel before.

I wonder what the couple is missing.  I mean… I know that they’re both missing the literally TOTALLY transforming love of Christ.  Maybe this isn’t the only couple of people in town that are missing out on that bizarre and unfare and unreal love of Christ.  And maybe instead of blogging about it, I should go sit down.  So here we go.