I think I’ve been wasting time.  Not just spending time on the wrong thing, either.  I’m realizing that the words I say on Sunday morning are not just for the congregation… they actually should be speaking to ME.  I keep telling people that we are to ‘live lives of worship.’  Amazing thought, for sure.  But to put into practice, I’ve started seeing more and more as I get busy, is really difficult.  When I’m not busy, I can do things to the glory of God.  But when I’m busy?  I’m lucky to do things at all, let alone the amazing glory of God.

I say that to say this.  As I’ve sat at this desk for the past two hours, researching sound equipment and new worship music, I’ve realized how very much my mind focuses on things that are side-line and outside of my realm.  I keep my eye on the clock and not on the Lord.  So I think I’m going back to ol’ Brother Laurence.  He had a great way of keeping his life honed in on God & His work.  Maybe his book can help me refocus.  Anybody read ‘Practicing the Presence’?