Anybody remember those weird commercials with that penguin that sang an old Sinatra tune?  It was so popular for like three weeks… SNL even did a sketch about it (which, historically means that it was very, very popular, or that it was the mid-nineties when SNL sucked almost as bad as it does now).  What about those weird lizards that each said part of a word?  I don’t remember what they said, or what they were even advertising, for that matter.  But at the time of their conception & ‘birth’, those things were really popular.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen when I get a little creative.  I get nervous and/or excited to think that what I’m doing or about to do could somehow either shape culture or by some crazy series of events become a global phenomenon.  I guess I can tend to get a little overzealous sometimes.  But don’t old people always say that when they were young and doing things that all it took was a good idea and a little ‘elbow grease’*?

I guess what I’m saying is that on one hand, what we do could change the world.  And on the other hand, it doesn’t really matter that much because in a couple weeks, the world will forget anyway.  Speaking of, what ever happened to Spudz McKenzy?  Who feeds a dog beer, anyway?  And why did he have human girlfriends?  Why was the world ok with that in the first place?!?!

*Something only old people can produce.  Scientists believe that humans stopped producing elbow grease somewhere between the atomic bombs and the fall of the Berlin wall.