One of the guys in the band made a funny comment this morning during practice.  For months, when I ask my musicians to just play quietly, I describe it as being ‘twinkley’ or ‘shimmery’…. which isn’t very masculine.  Back to the guy’s comment.  “that makes me feel like a real man” was his comment.  Most days, I’d have just laughed it off and let it out of my brain within a few minutes.  Well, it just so happens that I’ve been thinking through the idea that worship is hard for guys.  And that comment put a little ‘ding’ into my head.

My theory is this… males have a hard time engaging in worship because a lot of the worship songs being sung at church these days are very much love songs to a man named Jesus.  Obviously worship songs are, when you boil them all down, love songs to some guy named Jesus.  But there are some songs that, if you changed just one or two words, the song could be about Steve or Jessica or grandma.  (probably nobody is writing love songs to grandma, but i’m sure someone could.)  So for a guy, singing these sometimes extremely sappy love songs to a dude named Jesus has to be a little weird.  I can understand that.  It IS weird.  But it’s also not like you’re dating a guy named Jesus.  It’s a savior/saved relationship, which is WAY beyond writing sappy love songs.

So I tell you that to tell you this… maybe I need a new term (i’m sure there’s a way better term for what I want my guitarist to do musically) for the band.  Something better than shimmery or twinkley.  How about just naming it by the sound I want it to make?  do-da-dodo.  graaaaaaaackendidididididideeeee.  Friggle giggle, friggle giggle.