I’ve been through a whole gamet of emotions today.  At job #1, we gave away a new laptop, several big gift cards and a lot of joy.  And then I got cut off on the freeway half a dozen times by bluetooth-toting, coffee-sipping, sunglass-donning yuppies in cars worth more than they can truly afford.  Jerks.  And then I had lunch with a great friend who’s two generations (no joke) older than I am.  He’s got a way to bring out very good things from somewhere deep inside of me.  And then I went back to the office to find out that I am incapable of teaching 6th – 7t graders.  At least, someone’s perception is that I’d be better suited leading discussions with adults.  On the way home, I got a call from a friend I hadn’t talked to in (no lie) eight years.  It was good to catch up for a few minutes.  And I got cut off again on the commute home, but this time it was by 3 semi trucks.  I have a very strong feeling that semi drivers are out to get me.  Seriously.  If it weren’t for the death, I’d give the less-observant semi drivers a bump on their front tires when they pulled things like that.  And now i’m going back to a friend’s house I’d written about previously to do some more painting.  Be well.