Sunday morning was great…. for the people in the pews (or auditorium ejector-style-chairs for me).  There was some singing, some funny stories, some drama… the service had it all.  And it went well, seemingly… for those participating.  On the other hand, for those involved in planning and/or implementing the service, it was somewhat less than good.  In fact, for the two people that carefully planned and tried to organize the service, it actually was pretty bad.  The schedule wasn’t really followed, the people involved didn’t come out or leave on time.  One guy didn’t even come out at all that several other people were waiting for a cue from.  As one thing or another wouldn’t happen, different people would step up and take care of the situation.  And some people got uptight and would scoff or complain or roll eyes or say terrible things under their breath.  And some would try to take charge without having the big picture, or the “skills to pay the bills.”  But all in all, the service was good, and it was a great Sunday.

I say that to say this…  Is it the burden of leadership that I bear that makes things so tense in that situation?  Is there something internal that says that I have to wear that ‘dropped the ball’ pressure on my shoulders?  I think so.  I think maybe part of being ‘the guy’ is wearing that coat.  Does it suck?  Yeah.  Yeah it does.  But is it worth it, knowing that lives are changing?  Yeah.  Yeah it is.