I’ve spent a few weeks out and about this summer.  And I am pretty sure that my summer camp travels are over.  At least for this year.  It’s a little sad to realize that I’m not going back to those camps for at least another year, and I’m less than excited to think that I don’t get to sit around playing cards & laughing with a bunch of loud teenagers.  But what I am very, very thankful for are these things…

New friendships- I met a lot of very cool teens & adults this summer that have been & will be lifelong relationships

God at work- I’ve seen some very incredible things happen this summer that can only be credited to God.  And for that, I’m wicked greatful

A chance to serve- I have been blessed to be able to serve some teens this summer.  Not just by leading singing or speaking God’s Word to them, but also to be able to listen or hug or spoon out pork&beans

So thanks.  Thanks for letting me come, go, laugh, cry, goof off, and do all the things you assumed I had a reason for (but probably didn’t.)