I am camping with friends this weekend.  Obviously we’re celebrating the independence of our nation and having a great time together, just sitting around the fire & picnic tables talking and laughing and relaxing.  But for me, it’s almost a Worship experience.  Don’t let me get all post-modern and stupid here, but there is something incredibly Holy about the feels and sounds and smells and sights of nature.  Actually, camping is sort of a synonym of Holy anyway…  Set apart.  Different from the rest.  Sleeping in the woods.  (The last one isn’t in most translations of the Bible.)  Sitting around the fire and hearing the logs crackle and birds chirp and trees swaying and just being a small part of the creation that cries out to its creator… how incredible.  And when I think I should probably check my email and write on the blog or watch some wild & crazy youtube video, it pulls me immediately back from worship and into life again.  I want you to see what I’m talking about here.  Find someplace for yourself that does this.  Go and spend a few minutes or hours or days out in the space.  Tell me how it goes!