There’s a really cool feature on my blog, and that is this… I can see what people are looking for when they find my blog.  And lately, due to circumstances beyond my control, people have been looking up some very strange things about me… and I’m just going to take this opportunity to answer all of the queries from the past month or so.  Here we go…

My private life is none of your business… hense the term ‘private’.
My home phone number is 517.750.6540
Yes, this is my personal journal
I drive a Pontiac
I’ve never been in a music video, but I’d love to
There ARE ‘I heart Ben Barnes’ Tshirts on CafePress
My middle name is Elery
No, I’ve never had a nose-job
I hang out at local and not-so-local coffee shops
Yes, I go to church
No, I don’t think war is always the answer
My love life is barely there
Yes, I have allergies
I don’t know anything about computer layouts
I work out at Planet Fitness
No, I’ve never been in an Ernest movie… though I’d love to

Hope that helps you with your quest… of seriously weirding me out.