A guy came into Panera today (my office away from my other two offices & my home office), and his clothing caught me by surprise.  I’d put the guy in the “I’ve got kids in grad school” category.  Shoot, I’d probably even put him in the “close to retirement” category, to be honest.  To me, at that age, you have to either wear a polo shirt or a button down & a tie pretty much all of the time.  And this guy was wearing camo shorts and a Tshirt.  That’s pretty bad ace on its own… but there’s more.  The guy’s Tshirt was bright green and it said ‘Matching Shirt’ to signify the fact that it matches whatever else he may or may not be wearing.  Awesome.

Here’s what now spins through my head as I think about that weird modern old guy…  Paul (the apostle) talked about being all things to all men, to the greeks he was a greek, to the jews he was a jew… so that all men could be won.  That’s a big thought.  In fact, that’s a life-altering thought.  You can’t just say that and let it fall.  You have to change your whole life after that.  Paul did.  He wasn’t just saying that you have to do it… He actually did it himself.  From staying Kosher to hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’, the guy took his own thought very seriously.  He went so far as to change the way he ended his letters…  Instead of saying, “love you guys forever, Paul”, he wrote both a Jewish & a Greek salutation.  PEACE (shalom) to the Jews, and GRACE to the Greeks.  Not only was He saying something that they’d both be happy with, but using the two words/ideas together actually tied together the two cultures and changed the world.

Maybe that weird old ipod-carrying senior citizen with the funny shirt was just wearing a funny shirt.  But to me, that shirt was a picture of what Paul had done so many years ago.  The shirt was all things… it went with everything.

All that to say this… I hope when I’m that age (if i make it that long), I can wear cool clothes and use technology… besides medical equipment.  🙂