I played guitar and sang at an event for pastors in my area over the weekend. During the event, while hanging out backstage, I happened upon the DVD of a band I used to love. I borrowed* the DVD and watched it this evening. After just a few minutes, I remembered why I loved the band so much. I also remembered why I love to perform. There’s something very strange, yet very freeing about entertaining people with music & stories.

Over the past four months, I’ve been busy. Not that I know anyone in the world that isn’t able to say that they’re busy… But for me, it would seem that my middle name could legally (and legitimately) changed to Busy. I’ve had a job as a worship pastor that consumes at least 20 hours per week, plus Sundays. I’ve also been co-hosting a morning show for a local radio station. That consumes between 15-20 hours per week as well. The commute to the church is about forty minutes each way, and the commute to the radio station is about three minutes each way. Combined, they equal about seventy hours. Um.. Maybe my math is slightly off. Either way, my days have been full. Especially when you add in family stuff and the occasional speaking/leading worship gig or cup of coffee with a friend. All that to say this…

It’s easy with my schedule to forget things. Sometimes the occasional cup of coffee with a friend. And sometimes it’s the reason I am in the industry I’m in. So as I sit down to watch a DVD, sometimes I have a flashback to back in junior high when I first saw a band that made me pick my guitar up and tell a few stories.

*borrowing without permission is still borrowing.