I broke an old tradition today and skipped the annual Memorial Day Parade.  I know that I’ll regret it next week when people are still talking about it at the water cooler.  And I know that I already regret not being there to pick up candy thrown out by surprisingly well-mannered firemen on big red trucks and ill-meaning children on floats.  Instead of candy, sunburn and really bad traffic, I decided to sit on the couch and celebrate Memorial Day by kicking back and having a nap.  And I think I’m onto a new tradition.

When I started to think of the people I annually ‘memorialize,’ I came to a brief but logical conclusion.  Nobody I celebrate on this day would have gone to any parade in their honor.  They’d have stayed at home to sleep and maybe play a game of cards.  So why would I go through all of the weird traditions to honor their memory in a way they wouldn’t even agree with?  I’m not protesting a parade or jets flying overhead.  I’m not even protesting the creepy balloon salesman (though, maybe I should*).  I just don’t know that the best way for me to commemorate my fallen family and friends would be by standing on the side of the road, waving like a slack-jawed yocal.  Maybe, instead, I can lay around the house and have a good nap, grill some dogs and laugh around a card game with some friends.

*  I don’t want to have to explain the balloon guy’s T-shirt or odor to my kids one day.