I went to a retirement party on Monday night.  On the way there, I just assumed it would be cake and punch, maybe a story or two.  And it was.  But there was also a really nice meal, some hilarious pictures, a choir and a LOT of people.  The theme of the night was Legacy.  Not that there was some theme printed on a bulletin or anything, but it seemed like every time somebody got up to tell a story or memory of the retiree, the underlying theme was the Legacy that she had left in the speaker’s life.  Each person would share, then give an emotional thanks to the retiree.  What an amazing homage to a life lived to leave a legacy.

I hope that in some way, I can leave a legacy with my life.  I hope that in 40 years, people can tell me that I’d made an impact on their lives.  Gosh, this sounds like adult contemporary music that I would normally laugh at.