Sunday is always a long morning for me.  Early (for the weekend) morning, much stress, lifting all sorts of heavy sound equipment… Sundays have it all for me.  This Sunday was a good one for me.  Had a great time with the band and then with sound people and others after practice.  After church, went to the gym and killed myself for a half an hour.  And even went to Taco Bell for a whole digestive experience.  To top off the day, I got to put my feet up and hang out with my childhood friends, The Simpsons, and had a good nap to add to the greatness that was today.  One of only two less than great parts of the day was the fact that it rained pretty much all day.  The other less than great part was just a really lame conversation that made me realize why sticking to the same general age bracket is best for everybody.  To celebrate the great day and the vast amount of rain we’ve gotten, I’ve decided to share a very special song.  Enjoy.