Ya know, when it comes right down to it, the really important things in life are friends and money.  Kidding.  Everybody knows that relationships are what make life worth living.  Money is a distant second (maybe even third if you have a heart).  For me, the more I’m distanced (on purpose or just by circumstances) from my ‘peeps,’ the less important they become.  Not that if I don’t spend time with somebody, I forget they exist.  I just have a habit of putting people farther down the ‘importance list’ than if I’m regularly connecting.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this week has been so …  so… separated.  I’ve been on auto pilot this week at work and at home.  And outside of those two worlds, I’ve been totally absent.  It’s not a life-threatening situation.  Not even means for intervention or counseling.  Just haven’t spent time with people much outside of work or immediate family.  And the only reasoning I can come up with is this…

Two weeks ago, I was at my brother’s house having dinner with he and his family.  After the meal was done, I was playing with my niece (2 1/2 yrs old), and all-of-the-sudden, she ran away, squatted down behind the couch and hid from everybody.  When I went to see what was going on, she pushed me away and told me she was fine.  When I again asked if everything was ok, she just said, “Go.  Pooping.”  I walked away laughing, but also felt like I’d just walked in on someone using the facility.

I tell you about my niece pooping to tell you something totally different.  Her cowering in the corner alone was the same thing as me unplugging from my people.  Where she was embarrassed and trying to work things out on her own, I was doing the same thing… sort of.  I’ve been trying to work through some crap and bring things to light, but I’ve been trying to do it alone.  I’ve hidden behind the couch, hoping nobody would notice that I’d slipped away.  And that has separated me from the people that can, ironically, help me out.  Hope that isn’t too far for an illustration.  Just working through some things… much like a toddler, squatting in the corner.