Spent all day monday on the road.  I went with my dad to southern Ohio to see my grandfather (his father) for a few hours.  His step-son died late thursday night, and we wanted to go to support him… you know… as moral support, I suppose.  After a four hour drive south, we spent two hours with Dude (that’s my grandfather’s name), went to a visitation for the deceased, and then drove the four hours back home.  It was quite a day.  I was out of my mind by the time I got home.  I think that was partially the early morning, and partly due to the time in the passenger’s seat with  seriously terrifying driver.  And when I drove home from the parking lot I’d left my car in, I got about a hundred yards from my house…  and a deer ran across the road in front of me and I hit her.  This was probably the ‘straw’ people are always talking about that breaks the camel’s back.  Well, in this case, it wasn’t a straw, and I was no camel.  I seriously tried to not hit the stupid animal.  But when I knew it was unavoidable, I guess something snapped.  I sped up.  And I heard crushing bones.  Well, along with crumpling hood metal.  Either way, I got her as well or better than she got me.

FYI, i’m not normally vindictive.  But after a day like that, the deer was asking for it.  Amen?