So… today I googled “blog” and I got 38,000,000 hits.  Yeah.  It would seem that there are several people doing this.  Who would’ve thought!  After reading between five and three hundred (it was a really slow day), I started to wonder why people had blogs.  And here are the major categories…

5.  A fan of something.  These blogs/people are very… um… somewhat informative.  And almost borderline psycho.

4.  A head of some group.  These are slightly fewer than the fans… because there are less leaders than there are followers.  And because most leaders don’t have much time to write an unread blog.

3.  A protest.  Nothing weirder on all of the internet than personal journals based solely on something people are against.  Seems a little bit ‘black fingernail polish’ to me.

2.  Commercially produced.  I always get mad when I think I’m about to be entertained or informed, and instead, I’m tricked into reading twelve days worth of blogs written about a product that I can buy myself for three monthly…

1.  Creative outlet.  I was really glad to find that the majority of blogs out there aren’t to promote or protest or whatever.  They’re actually just the way for people to output their pent up creativity.

Just so we’re all aware.  Knowledge is power, after all.  Speaking of power, I just got a computer.  It’s not powerful, but it’s cool.