Took a drive to and from the other side of the state today.  There was a wedding I sang at, which was really great… not the singing, but the ceremony.  A bride, a groom, some friends and family, a pastor and some punch… all the makings of a great wedding.  To me, the only thing better would’ve been a drive through the country.  And it actually happened on the way home.  I didn’t stick around for a reception because I wasn’t really feeling up to it.  Instead, I just drove on home.  It was amazing.  I took a wrong turn at some point, and because of that, my GPS rerouted my journey… without using a single freeway.  I took minor state highways all the way across the state.  Trees and breezes and lakes and sunshine… it was all there, including deer and old men riding lawnmowers down the street.  (The deer weren’t driving, they were walking).

I really only write because it was quite an experience.  I went from a ceremony that united people to each other to a drive home that united people (namely me) with God.  I know that I had united with God because of what happened when I got home… I sat down with my guitar and turned on the TV (an art I’d given up on shortly after high school).  What should come on the screen but God’s favorite band, Franz Ferdinand, playing on Austin City Limits.  If God has ever given a gift to anyone, this is it.  Not that this has anything really to do with a wedding or a spring drive through the country… just what’s happening.

Oh.  On a very non-connected side topic, I’m not the Ben Barnes in the new Chronicles movie.  I doubt he’s got a blog.  But thanks to all of you Prince Caspian fans out there for frequenting my blog.