Relay for life is (I’ve heard) a fund raiser for the fight against cancer.  My sources tell me that people get sponsored by their friends and neighbors and co-workers (those should rarely be the same group of people) to walk.  Seems like a weird way to raise money to me.  Maybe, instead, people should be working in a lab.  I mean… couldn’t we just give the money we give to our accountant neighbor to a chemical engineer at some medical research lab somewhere?  That might make more of a difference.  Am I right?  Maybe.  But then again, maybe not.

Ever had an enemy?  Were other people with you in the hatred for the person?  I hated a kid named Ryan in the 3rd grade.  He used to spit on my desk and tell the girl next to me that it was my spit.  After a couple times, Ryan had signed his own death warrant.  After telling a few friends about the ‘Ryan situation,’ I found that he had done the same thing to several of them.  We banned together and set up a plan of action.  At recess, when Ryan came out of the cafetorium* (I went to a poor school), we jumped him.  No screams, no cries for help, no mercy.  We each took a turn at pummeling the poor kid.  Looking back, it’s a wonder he made it home that day.  I don’t think he was breathing when we left him.**

When I realized that I wasn’t the only person to want revenge on Ryan, I felt like I was part of a group… I belonged to something much bigger than myself.  And when that group sought out revenge, it wasn’t looking for a call from the teacher or school office’s secretary.  Every person that had been done wrong wanted revenge…. serious, balls-kicking revenge.

I tell you that to tell you this…  I suppose I could just cut a check to a laboratory somewhere and call that my fight against cancer.  But then I wouldn’t be getting my hands dirty.  In fact, I’d be taking a really easy way out.  So maybe the Relay for Life is a good idea.  I mean… who doesn’t want to kick cancer in the balls?!?!