Ever been forgotten?  It’s a terrible feeling.  It’s the same feeling as when somebody tells you that you don’t matter.  Just not a good feeling.  Your insides start to spin and turn red.  Today, I stopped at a local fast-foodery for a cup of sort-of-ok coffee on the way to the office.  When I got to the drive through box, the voice told me to wait for just a minute while he helped someone.  Then there was silence for ten minutes.  No lie.  Ten minutes.  I’ve gotta confess… I wasn’t the most mature or patient when the voice came back.  In fact, I actually raised my voice and tried to scare the poor lad.  And his face (when I got to the first window) showed that my raised voice did the trick.

But why did being forgotten mean so much?  Why did it evoke such a response?  The ten minutes was wasted, sure, but I would’ve spent that time on the road anyway… just driving.  Was it that the boy ignored me?  Or tried to pass the mistake off as someone else’s fault?  No (even though those things probably fueled the fire).  What I think really got me to turn into the incredible hulk was the same thing that’s in all of us…  a need to matter.  There’s a little section of the human mind that tells us that we are valid, that what we think and feel and who we are make a difference, and should not be taken for granted.  Almost a coping mechanism, or a safety feature.

All that to say this… if you’re planning on going through the golden arches, have a little extra time and some serious patience.