I saw a fairly lame movie sunday night.  I’m sure that on some level or another, the movie was actually pretty good… but I wasn’t really into it.  There was one line, however, that really stuck out.  It wasn’t particularly funny, but it was really um… I guess it was just a pretty good thought in an otherwise lame movie.  One of the characters said “You should really make your bed.  It sets the tone for the whole day.”

At the time, I didn’t think about it other than the fact that I had the thought that I never make my bed.  But this afternoon, as I was relishing a really good day, the line popped into my head again.  I didn’t make my bed this morning.  Well, not literally.  But my first 3 hours were laughs and good thoughts and right-living.  And it actually did exactly what the lame movie said it would do.  Gosh… if there’s a great lesson in every stupid movie, I’m in for a really good life.

I’m not telling you to make your bed.  Maybe just get up at 5am every morning and hang out with good people.