My winter was pretty normal… no gigantic, life-changing events, no jail-time, no trips to the emergency room, and no major motion picture deals… yet. In fact, the only thing that was remotely big in my life (overall) was signing on as the co-host of a radio show. And as winter packs up and leaves town (after this weekend), I’m realizing something…

I’ve had this feeling like I’m riding idle lately. Not like I’m going in the wrong direction, and not even like I’m in the right direction but not moving. I feel like I’ve been coasting almost. I’ve taken my foot off of the gas and let the car slow down for a while. And as I start to unpack the feeling, I’m starting to realize what happens when I coast. I start giving up on dreams and hopes and instead leave them behind to settle for whatever happens to come my way.

So here’s my thought… I’m taking charge. I’m actively seeking out ways to make my hopes & dreams realities. And I’m not leaving my life up to whatever comes my way. Instead, I’ve decided to grab the chicken by the lips.