I don’t like blogs that just give you eighty links to other blogs or other stuff. But sometimes, I feel like maybe I’ve found something that others should be enjoying too. So here we go. The links are in some sort of groupings. And now on with the show….

For worship leaders…
Planning Center Online – A worship leader’s online administrator. Plan services, keep track of volunteers, report to CCLI digitally. This is worth every penny!
Granger Community – A very cool and creative church that has some very innovative ideas for creating worship experiences. PS, they have free videos online.
Song Select – CCLI’s subscription based worship song chart database. They have pretty much every song you’d ever want to sing/play at church all in one place. And you can see chord charts, lead sheets, or 4 part choir charts. You can also change the key of any song without any musical knowledge whatsoever.

For good deals…
Woot – One deal per day, and most of the time, it’s a seriously good deal.
Musicians Friend Deal of the Day – Somehow, Musician’s Friend has a really, really good deal pretty much every day. This is pretty much specifically for musicians. Hence the name.

For purely personal reasons…
My website – Just because I can. I really don’t have any reason for owning a website, but because my name’s on it, I might as well be advertising.
Home.fm – A radio station that is near & dear to my heart. Mostly, however, because they force me to wake up at quite unreasonable hours to entertain the very small masses.

For those that like misc. links to things I find cool…
Kevin Reeves – Probably the most talented individual musician I’ve ever known. This guy blows the roof off pretty much anything he touches, and I’ve had his album in my ears since the summer of 2000.
Sound Sleep – Um… maybe it seems weird, but there’s something magical about this website, I promise you. I think it’s got some sort of weid subliminal messages that tell my brain to sleep immediately. If you need a nap, then you need this page.

Good luck, all.